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Through our lives, usually starting in childhood, we go through experiences …and those experiences often shape our lives. We are influenced by people that did the best they could and gave us all they had, but it simple isn’t enough to get you to your NEXT step in life. Sometimes these “familiar” things can hold us back, because these beliefs become the basis on which we tell the story of who we are, to ourselves and to others.

We are all natural storytellers, and we often tell the story of who we are and how the world works based on the stories we’ve been told over our lifetime…it’s our default response. The good news is, you CAN re-write your story…you have the power to do that at any given time.

When working with clients I often start them with an exercise of writing a script about their life. Then FLIPING the script and re-writing the story the way they want it to be told for years and years to come. That’s one of the many things we work on when you decide to partner with me as your reinvention coach.

Here’s what that would look like:

(2) Scheduled 60 minute coaching sessions per month

Unlimited email access

(1) 10 minute On-the-Spot coaching per month (does not roll over)

Tailored coaching exercises that are geared towards your individual success

Success Journal

$300 Per Month (Minimum of 3 Months)


Gain clarity, take back your power, and discover the things that are blocking your energy and keeping you in a tailspin. If you are ready to gain massive clarity and succeed quickly, you must immerse yourself in the reinvention process with a one-day intensive. This experience is perfect for you if:

You’ve recently experienced a radically shift in your life and business (positive or negative), and you feel like you’re crushing under the weight of all this new life demands. It has s created some chaos in your life or exposed some “cracks” in your foundation.

You’re going through a career transition and you’ve like to learn how to expand your income by first helping yourself deal with the shift, and then helping others do the same. You know you’ve been called to lead, but you just aren’t sure how to do that at this point.

The things that once lit you up now leave you feeling drained and bored. You seem to have lost your “zest” for life and are in a place where you’re questioning, “where do I go from here”. You want to reach that next level in life and business, but you don’t want to compromise values, integrity or principles to do it. This is Perfect For You!

What if I told you the thing that’s holding you back from living a full and free life was you? Would you believe me? If you’ve ever done any type of personal development you understand that thoughts create actions. I want to help you gain clarity around what you DO want out of life instead of just focusing on what you don’t want.

During this VIP day, you will spend an entire day with my team here in beautiful Dallas, TX helping you remove any and all blocks that are holding you back, and learn how to use energy to guide you down the path of least resistance…and in the direction of your desires.

Ultimately, you will have to Unlearn some of the things that are familiar to you, and potentially holding you back in order to learn new ways to live and love a life filled with joy and fulfillment.